How to Leverage a fast-paced Video Creation and Sharing App that tempts the masses?

In this hugely competitive market scenario, it’s quite hard for any newly launched application to make its stand in the app market. Amongst the innumerable streams of mobile apps, one section that has seen enormous growth and has gained huge customer attention is the video creation and sharing app. One such relatable and most famous example is Tik Tok. Although there exist many online streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, etc. but in a very short period if any app has reached sky heights then it’s Tik Tok.

Now, in the coming sections, we would discuss various spheres of video creation, sharing, and conferencing WebRTC based apps development. So, if you also want to create a robust app that has all the inbuilt features of ideal video creation and sharing app, then you have landed on the right page.

So, hold on, and let’s get started to know the magic wand behind such an application that keep users glued for hours and hours.

The end-goal behind the development of every application in the current digital era is revenue generation. Seeing the market growth of such apps, we cannot say that they lag in the revenue generation landscape, while some of them may take time to get the things done; on the other hand, we have seen rapid growth in most cases.

Some of the famous techniques that can be used to fulfill the monetization requirements of the application are;

  1. Allowing In-App Purchases

Buying additional content or services within the app is called “in-app purchases”. Some of the examples of in-app purchases that users can leverage are:

  • An extra sword that can provide you with more power in the game.
  • A key that can be used to unlock more features in the game.
  • Use of virtual currency for purchases.

2. Paid Versions of various Apps

In the play store, there is an in-app billing service that allows you to sell digital content from inside your app. You can use this service to sell a wide range of content such as photos, media files, virtual content such as games levels, premium services, and more. You can take advantage of in-app billing to sell products as:

  • Standard in-app products (one-time billing), or
  • Subscriptions (automated billing)

3. Use of the Freemium Model

The Freemium model is most widely known to monetize mobile games and apps. In this model, the distribution of your app is done for free-of-cost and the revenue is generated from some of the users willing to improve their experience with in-app purchases or subscriptions.

4. Mobile App Ads

In this monetization strategy, app developers get paid to serve ads on their apps. These ads are served through an advertising network that establishes a link between advertisers and developers.

Here, the app requests an ad from the already established network, and then, the network uses algorithms to identify and deliver the highest paying ads to various users in real-time.

Features form the baseline of your app, and it also makes your app differ from various other apps in the market. If you want to estimate how much does your app would cost, then it almost depends on the features, complexities involved, and the requirements of your end-user.

Hence, it becomes important to list out the important features of the app, while we present before you a brief list of features, an exhaustive one depends solely on you and your customers’ needs and requirements.

Tech Stacks are the backbone of any application, hence, in this scenario; they play a very crucial role in deciding the robustness of the application. If there is something that has helped these video-sharing WebRTC app development companies to mark their presence in the current market and get established then that is the unique technology used behind them.

We at StarTele Logic always remain updated with the latest technology trends and polish our skills as per the latest market trends.

  • Availing the Cloud Storage: To keep your data safe and secure from any human temperament or any natural disaster, you must keep your data backed up on cloud storage. Some of the ideal cloud service providers in the field are Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3.
  • Configuring the Media Servers: It hardly matters that if server utilized is HTTPS, RTMP, or HTTP servers. If we want to provide the media support across all the devices then we need to configure it accordingly to suit major browsers and devices.
  • Transcoding the Audio/Video: Transcoding the audio/video is of utmost importance considering the compatibilities across various devices. Hence to make the media format compatible across the entire device and make it run smoothly, you can use open-source software like FFMPEG or any third-party solution like Amazon Elastic Transcoder.

Well, if you are in dilemma then you must collaborate with a company that has golden experience in developing video creation and sharing apps. While doing so, you must not go by brand name but also look for skilled experts with hands-on domain experience. Hence, having a reputed, growing solution provider, and top mobile app development company at Noida in India, StarTele Logic is always at the forefronts of its customer needs.

  • You must be clear in mind that which platform are you targeting; is it for an iPhone app development or Android? Well, according to our past learning experience, you should take advantage of both the platforms to expand your user base.
  • Simple and easy to use UI/UX design is another feature that can help you gain customer loyalty. An intuitive UI can be a game-changer in the current scenario as it marks the first impression on the customer’s mind to gain their trust and loyalty.
  • The Cost involved around the Development team; our in-house developer’s team are experts in delivering these kinds of solutions, and hiring an offshore app development team may have trust or reliability issues at the beginning leading to project delays.

We have seen various verticals about video creation, sharing, and conferencing app, and it is worth noting that these apps are getting popular in a very short period. These top-rated apps have become one of the most liked choices among startups.

Well, it’s not easy to go through deep research and create a design that stands apart from the rest of the competition but with an experienced team of developers and designers, this idea can be brought into reality. An enterprise app development company StarTele Logic always thrives to achieve the best in all the verticals of WebRTC based apps like audio-video conferencing app development, unified communications platform, etc, and leave no stone unturned to meet the client’s needs and requirements.

StarTele Logic is a global leader in next-generation digital solutions and communications software development company in India.